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Please contact me for information about kittens 954-444-2779

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Looking for an awesome, healthy, intelligent Maine Coon cat?

Then you have just visited the right web-site! We have been breeding this wonderful breed of cat for 19 years but are not your typical "show people" as we really do not have the time to simply sit at cat shows on the weekends.

Our cats, certainly do, have grand champions in their pedigrees, but are bred for extremely good looks, high intelligence, and social ability. Many of our cats have been used in commercials and magazine ads.

Jordon, who is one of our neutered males, was the lead for the Discovery channel, and he was featured in a Maine Coon special on TV. Our cattery has gained a tremendous amount of attention since our one Maine Coon, Hollywood Jake, became "The Cowboy Cat" who rides horses. He has been featured on television a countless number of times and remains our biggest star!